Publish Your Podcast on YouTube

YouTube is definitely the place to be with its 2.3 billion active users worldwide. Podopi makes it easy to put your blog on YouTube.

A free YouTube/Google account is required to submit a podcast. We recommend that you create your account or sign in before proceeding.

  1. Visit the YouTube Account-page.
  2. Create a Channel for your Podcast.
  3. Sign in to the Podopi dashboard and select your podcast.
  4. Enable YouTube Publish under “Podcast Settings”.
  5. Authenticate with Google and select your YouTube channel.
    • Authentication is needed to let Podopi upload video versions of your podcast episodes on your behalf to a YouTube channel.
    • The only user data fetched and persisted from YouTube is the link to the uploaded YouTube video.
    • See our Privacy Policy for full details.

New episodes will be uploaded automatically once you’ve enabled YouTube Publish. Existing episodes will be kept unpublished to avoid flooding your channel with new content. You can publish existing episodes manually on the “Details”-page for each episode.

Publish Blog Content on YouTube

Podopi is a service that helps you get more value out of your blog by creating a podcast from it without effort on your part. You post your content as usual, and Podopi will generate a Podcast and publish each new episode on YouTube for you.