Publish Your Podcast on Google Podcasts

Unlock the potential to get your content in front of 2.8 billion Android users on Google Podcasts.

Google is primarily a search company, which is very obvious in how they manage their podcast directory. Instead of manually submitting a Podcast RSS feed URL, like you do on every other platform, Google does its best in trying to find your feed automatically. Follow Google’s public guidelines in order to get indexed.

  1. Get your Podcast RSS feed URL — See How to publish a Podcast for details.
  2. Place a link to your Podcast RSS feed on your website.
  3. Continue reading Step 4 of this guide published on Podcasting on Google.

Publish Blog Content on Google Podcasts

Podopi is a service that helps you get more value out of your blog by creating a podcast from it without effort on your part. You post your content as usual, and Podopi will generate a Podcast and publish each new episode on Google Podcasts for you.