How it Works

Use a bit of machine-driven magic to turn written words into a gorgeous podcast in minutes, with no effort on your part!

There’s not much work left for you after integrating Podopi with your blog or website. If you followed the quickstart guide and wonder what’s happening next, here’s a brief outline:

  • Podopi performs periodic checks for new content on your website. Once found, the readability engine will parse your new post. It will then get converted into a transcript made for machines. The readability engine understands what’s images, headers, paragraphs, sentences, bulleted lists and more.
  • The AI-voice you selected to represent your brand will read the transcript and record an audio file. Recent improvements in machine learning and AI makes these voices indistinguishable from human.
  • The audio file and the fetched metadata from your website is all that’s needed to generate a stunning video. There are several video templates you can choose from.
  • Enable YouTube publish to let Podopi upload your fresh video to YouTube on your behalf. In minutes, it becomes available for everyone to see on the world’s 2nd most popular website.
  • The new episode becomes visible in your podcast feed. It’s brought to the awareness of your subscribers on all the platforms you have submitted to. Each platform index the episode, and your content has the potential to end up in more search results.

With Podopi, you unlock unbounded potential for your blog content to reach further. Write your blog posts just like you normally would. Each post gets converted to an episode on your podcast. Submit your podcast to some of the world’s most visited websites, including YouTube.

This page is not to sell you on the idea, only to explain how it works. Check out the ”Why start a podcast?“-page if you want the hard sell!