How to Publish a Podcast

Publish your podcast and reach entierly new audiences on some of the world’s largest content platforms.

Submitting your podcast to podcast directories is a one-time process. It requires a small up-front investment of your time. But don’t worry, Podopi has already taken care of most of the work for you. Podopi feeds are already formatted to confirm with all the required podcasting standards.

Find Your Podcast RSS Feed

Podcast directories will all ask for a link to your RSS feed. You find this link on the podcast details page, under “Podcast Settings”. Please note that the link is only available when your podcast is public.

Find your podcast feed RSS link on the podcast details page. Right-click and select "Copy Link Address". You can also visit the link and copy from your browser's address bar.

Submit Your Podcast

Now that you have a valid podcast RSS feed, all you have to do is to submit it to the directories you’re interested in. There are several directories to submit to. We recommend focusing on only the most popular ones. That way you will cover >99% of the market share without too much work.

Listed below are our recommended directories and quick-start guides for each:

How to Unpublish Your Podcast

Simply disabling the “Public”-option in the Podopi podcast settings will only take your RSS feed offline. It will only make new episodes inaccessible for apps and users. How sticky your content remains online varies with each platform or directory.

Visit each directory you have submitted to and manually take your podcast offline to be sure nothing remains online.