10 Ways to Make Money Blogging

10 Ways to Make Money Blogging
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3 min read·by Dan·December 23, 2021

In this video, Nakisha runs through ten ways in which she makes money from her blog, covering affiliate links, partnering with brands, and much more.

She runs through the following:

  1. Brand deals
    Concentrating on the reader and creating great content caught the eye of big brands who paid her to advertise their products.
  2. Affiliate marketing
    Choosing specific, related products from a variety of sites allowed her to earn a sizable amount when a visitor clicks one of these unique links.
  3. YouTube AdSense
    Videos are more engaging than text, so make sure you create them for YouTube to take advantage of their ads. When someone watches one of your videos and clicks on an ad that YouTube automatically places in the video, you're paid.
  4. Ebook
    Convert your blog into an ebook for any easy new income stream. You can also automatically convert it into a podcast and videos for YouTube with us, Podopi.
  5. Courses
    Nakisha was constantly being asked for help so she created a course on her website where people could watch how-to videos for a small monthly fee.
  6. Speaking
    If you consider yourself to be very knowledgeable on your niche, then definitely look for events where you can be a speaker. Trust is automatically given because of the obvious authority on a subject—not just anybody can walk up onto the stage—and because of this, word spreads easily about you and your website. Not to mention you'll be paid for your time.
  7. Coaching
    Because she saw the need to help people with their own blog, Nakisha eventually opened up 1-on-1 coaching for a larger amount than the courses.
  8. Freelancing
    If you're just starting out, sign up to freelance sites like Fiverr to help others with their blog content. Not only can you expand your skills to improve your own blog, but you'll also get paid for it.
  9. Merchandise
    Design and sell your own products to control the markup on items that fans will buy from you. No, you won't have any to begin with, but once you start to make a name for yourself you certainly will. It works particularly well if you have a slogan or know of important phrases in your niche, rather than your name or face.
  10. Consulting
    A production company approached her to consult on their script of a single mother. So, you too may see emails like this eventually.


There are many ways to monitise your blog—even more than in this list—but these are the most popular ways to earn. Will you try any of them?

And remember, you can use Podopi to automatically convert your blog into videos for YouTube and a podcast.

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